Thursday, December 28, 2006


I received my MacBook Pro today (well, yesterday, actually). It's simply amazing. I still haven't had the time to harness the power of this beast. With its 2.33 GHz Intel Core2Duo processor with 3 GB RAM, it's posing strong competition to my Dual Powermac G5 2 GB RAM.

The design is not only cool; it's also very apple-worthy. The integrated iSight camera is useful and a lot of fun. The backlit keyboard (which by the way only lights up when you're actually using the computer) is a clever idea. And there are some cool extras like the Apple remote.

The MacBook Pro has been running all evening and the case temperature seems acceptable. According to my skin nerves it was very close to its older brother the Powerbook G4.

It's late and I must get up early, so I'll summarize:

  • The good: It's very powerful, lightweight, bright screen, it's got many features (MagSafe, iSight, backlit keyboard among others).

  • The bad: Power transformer much bigger than the Powerbook's. I'm not sure whether the case mounting is 100% perfect as the space left when the lid is closed is uneven; there's more space on the left side of the computer (although we're talking 1mm approximately).

  • The unknown: Still have not tested battery life. Superdrive makes strange noises which I have to identify. It reads disks without problems, though.

I'm too tired now so I'll probably write a second part tomorrow :)

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