Monday, December 18, 2006

Walk alone

I never realised how it really was to walk alone until I spent some mornings walking along Hyde Park during my holidays in London.

What's most noticeable is the huge amount of time you spend thinking about life. If you are a good observer then you'll concentrate on many details, find an explanation in every leaf and beauty in every different colour.

By walking you see new things every second, which feeds your brain with stimuli and keeps your whole body working just for you, as if there was an effective distinction between mind and body in that very precise moment.

If you think loud enough you can even forget you're alone.

Although I'm an atheist I found it very appropiate to include a fragment from Ben Harper's I shall not walk alone.

Battered and torn
still I can see the light
tattered and worn
but I must kneel to fight

Friend of mine
what can't you spare
I know some times
it gets cold in there

When my legs no longer carry
and the warm wind chills my bones
I reach for Mother Mary
and I shall not walk alone

Hope is alive
while we're apart
only tears
speak from my heart
break the chains
that hold us down
and we shall be
forever bound

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