Sunday, April 13, 2008

My PowerMac G5 died today

A current peak and the lights went off, along with every single electrical device in the house. The Smell Of Death was coming out of enterprise, my PowerMac G5.

The machine won't turn on. I've got a backup of my work, so I'm not worried that any data might have been corrupted. I am thrilled to know how much the repairs are going to cost.

This post is a homage to my friends at FECSA, who know how to make good days go great. Thank you!

Update 14/04/2008 17:30:
One of defiant's (my home server) HDDs is reporting I/O failures :(


  1. Come on man! UPS is more than a logistics company! ;)

    I hope you have house insurance...

  2. My most sincere condolences.

    I'm sure Enterprise it's not dead, just gone partying (aka easy repair).

  3. Muchas gracias por los ánimos! Ya os contaré qué tal va la cosa.

    Asco de instalaciones eléctricas :(

  4. I'm really sorry about your PowerMac and specially about the data you could loose... but... think about it: it's just hardware! You can buy a new PowerMac! You can re-write your documents, and sometimes even re-take your pictures... I'm sure you know what I mean ;-)

    I wish you recover 99% of your data!

  5. Gustavo,

    Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Como comprenderás, poco me importa el estado del powermac; es, al fin y al cabo, un trozo de metal.

    Los datos están a salvo porque tengo backup de todo. En realidad nada de este post me preocupa lo más mínimo, supongo que tu también me entiendes.

    Gracias por escribir!