Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What this blog is about

Consider this blog as the typical blog where some crazy guy writes about his life, in which nobody is interested. The point is that I do not care if you want to read what I write or not. What I write here is aimed at my own consumption. However, if you want to read it, you are welcome to do so. Feel free to post any comments you like.

I am going to write the entries in the most suitable language each time. My mother tongue is not English. Therefore it is highly probable I am going to mix languages without any previous warning. Welcome to a global world.

Thinking is the workforce of today's society, and that is why this blog has so many references to that process. They are in latin, because of the significance this language has had for science and humanity, and because I had to choose a neutral language. Not English, not Spanish, not Catalan, not any of the languages I am going to use in this blog's entries.

Cognitio rationalis means "Rational thinking" in latin, and Initium sapientiae cognitio sui ipsius is a latin idiom meaning "The beginning of wisdom is the knowledge of oneself". I hope that holds for true.