Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Me 2.0

So that's my second apple gadget in a short time. It represents a big leap forward from the Creative Nomad Jukebox 20 GB I still own. The iPod is much more thinner, it's smaller, lighter and therefore more portable. It features an 80 GB hard disk drive, which means four times the space I used to have on the Zen. The way it integrates with iTunes and how easy it is to navigate your songs make a significant difference too.

What the iPod means to me is more than the simple fact of owning a piece of electronic equipment. I can think again about taking my music everywhere without the deterrant of the mp3 player being a brick. It also means that I now belong to the group of cool people who would never call their iPod "my mp3 player", but just "my iPod".

I've got four new bumper stickers with the apple logo now. I got two when I bought my TiBook and two more came with my PowerMac G5. I should start to think about putting one of these on the back of my car.

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